Diseased shoulders will inhibit the various activities that you do every day. For that, shoulder pain should get good handling. In some patients with pain in the shoulders, they choose to perform surgery so that the pain is not getting worse and can disrupt all activities they run. Doing surgery in this section is done by someone who is experienced. One of Houston Hand Surgeon who has experience in dealing with this case and is certified is Dr. Jeffrey E. Budoff. He will provide maximum treatment and care for his patients.



Shoulder pain may occur due to a large number of activities performed involving the part. It could also be because the shoulders get a lot of pressure. Several causes of shoulder pain are:

1. Sprained
A sprained shoulder may have a tear in the ligament or muscle that binds the shoulder joint. The cause of the dislocated shoulder is the direct hit on the shoulder and the surrounding area. This is because usually, the patient had an accident while driving or was exercising.

2. Frozen Shoulder
This is a very painful condition in which you can not move the shoulders. This condition may occur due to thickening and swelling of the flexible tissue that surrounds your shoulders. As a result, you will find it difficult to perform your daily tasks. Frozen shoulder usually occurs due to injury or due to other diseases, such as diabetes or stroke. This condition may come slowly and disappear abruptly within a year or so.

3. Dislocation
This happens when the bone is released from the joint socket. Dislocations can actually occur in every part of your bodies, such as knees, hips and leg flexibility. This is usually caused by a strong blow, so the bone can out from the joint socket. It also means your bones are not where they should be, so you need medical help as soon as possible.

To overcome the pain in the shoulder can be done in several ways:

1. Rest: do not do heavy activities in the long term. You should rest your shoulders by not doing too much activity.

2. Elevation: the injured area should be higher than the heart.

3. Compression: gently bind the affected area to reduce the pain that arises.

4. Compress: You can do the compress with the ice pad is a pain for 20 minutes and do as much as 4-8 times a day. You can make your own ice pack or buy it in a pharmacy.