Have you ever felt pain in your hands for too long playing gadgets? Gadgets are an important item for people in the present. However, too long playing the gadget is also not good for some parts of the body. In addition to the eyes, parts of the body that often feel pain due to too long to play the gadget is a hand. The pain in the hands experienced by some sufferers, causing surgery to be done. The surgery on the hands is done because the hands undergo certain diseases. The operation also should not be done by careless people, must have a certified surgeon who does it. One of the usual cases of this case is Dr. Jeffrey E. Budoff. He is a Houston Hand Surgeon who already has hand surgery certification.

There are several ways you can do to prevent your hands from getting sick from using too many gadgets

1. Do not push too hard. All existing smartphones now have touchscreen technology. However, we also should not press too hard because the nerves will still work.

2. Use another finger. When using gadgets we used to use thumbs to touch them. If thumb feels sore, then we can use another finger.
3. Do not hold for too long. It’s good, we put gadgets on the table or other places so that hands do not hold the gadget for too long.