Typing becomes an activity that is often done by many people in the present. Many jobs require you to do this activity. however, frequent typing also causes some disturbances in the hand that will make your hand feel pain and pain. In some severe cases, the sufferer chooses to perform surgery on a doctor who is already certified in the field. One of the doctors who have certification and often handles the case is Dr. Jeffrey E. Budoff who has become the Houston Hand Surgeon. He will do the best treatment to his patients in the case.

Some diseases caused by too long typing are:

1. Repetitive strain injury
This is a condition in which the hand is injured or damaged in the muscle or nerve tissue by doing something repetitively and lasting longer. This complaint can occur due to the frequency of hand movement with a hardware computer that is done every day. The complaints experienced by people with this disease usually is numb on the hands. This is because of incorrect typing position and lack of rest when using a computer or laptop.

2. Trigger Finger
This is a condition where you feel pain in your fingers and stiff when bent. People of all ages can develop this disease. If you already feel pain and stiffness in the fingers, then all you have to do is rest your fingers or compress with cold water.

3. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Just like any other disease, the disease is caused by repeated and continuous movements, the sufferer of this disease will feel the pain, and the heat in the nerves. For the treatment of this disease, it is necessary to see how much damage occurred. To avoid this disease, you may need special pads for your hands while doing typing, so that your hands feel comfortable.